Take back control of the job search so you can write the next chapter in your career!

Launch your strategic career move so you can get hired — quicker!

I help you take the next big leap in your career so you can land a job you love — even in today’s nutty job market. Leaping Librarians are my specialty, though I have helped clients in many different industries and positions to find work they love!

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Getting noticed in this competitive job market is DIFFICULT

It’s undeniable — this is one of the toughest job markets we’ve ever encountered. Hundreds or thousands of candidates with similar qualifications are going for the exact same jobs you want. Jobs that allow for flexible work hours or that are hybrid/remote are in especially high demand. If you’re considering a total career change, your search gets even more complicated. If you’re unemployed, you’re losing money every moment you’re not working. If you’re in a job you don’t love, your wellness is likely taking a hit. You don’t have time to wade through the conflicting (and honestly, just plain BAD) job search advice online from so-called “experts.” You need a proven, reliable strategy, and you need it NOW.

You don’t have to go it alone

Your job search needs to be both branded and targeted. By showing you’re the solution to the employer’s problems, you stand out as a desirable candidate who they can’t wait to meet — and ultimately, hire!

Hi, I’m Alison King!

Who am I, and what do I know anyway?

As a professional resume writer and job search/career consultant, I help job seekers take the courageous and strategic leap to improve their work life so they can get back to enjoying all the other parts of life. Most often, I help Leaping Librarians — librarians, library workers, and LIS-adjacent folks who want to move up in the library/info work OR make a complete career change to something else entirely. I’m a credentialed, professional career services provider, but…

I’ve also been in your shoes! In 2022, I was burnt out and fed up with being a librarian. I’d had enough of the long hours, low pay, lack of opportunities, safety concerns, and increased political/bureaucratic tensions around the job. Using what I had learned from hundreds of hours of study about effective resume writing/job search, I launched my own post-pandemic, career-switch job search from school librarian to 100% remote copy editor at a digital marketing agency! It took 4 months, and I made a lot of mistakes — that I’m determined for you NOT to repeat. Looking back, I know that my search was successful because I employed strategy — the exact same strategy that has helped my own clients to find work they love.

Alison King, Resume Writer and Career Coach.

Here’s how I’ll help you…
take the next big leap in your career.

Done-For-You Documents

I write 100% original, personalized, branded & targeted resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, bios, DEI & leadership statements so you can make a great impression all throughout your search.

1:1 Consulting

If you want a more DIY approach or need a deep-dive to solve a certain problem in your job search, I offer coaching/consulting sessions on topics like DIY resume, LinkedIn optimization, networking, interview prep, and much more!

Courses & Downloadables

If your job search needs help right now, check out the Royal Career Academy and my Downloadable Storefront. You get access to all my knowledge about targeted topics (like writing your own resume or cover letter, reducing job search overwhelm, tracking your accomplishments, and prepping quickly for an interview) but can complete it on your own time.

Here’s the solution
to finding a job your love.

Step 1

Recognize that a strategic job search gets quicker — and better — results.

Step 2

Contact me to learn about your options and map out a strategy.

Step 3

Put that strategy into action so you can take back control of your job search.

Step 4

Land a job that aligns with your skills, values, and priorities!

Are you making these common-but-costly mistakes on your resume?

Fix them now to win more interviews!

Your resume is often the first (and sometimes, only!) impression that the employer gets of you. These are the 10 mistakes I see job seekers make on their resumes that are costing them interviews and causing their job search to be slow and ineffective. Don’t sabotage your own search!