Are you making this mistake as you launch your Leaping Librarian job search?

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When I started my post-pandemic, career switch job search in April 2022, I did what a lot of people do–updated my resume and just started applying.

Pretty soon, I was overwhelmed with all the admin work that goes into a job search–keeping track of which companies I applied to and how far along I was in the interview process, responding to emails from recruiters, drafting LinkedIn messages to people in my network, and tracking all the different versions of my resume and cover letter.

It was overwhelming and made an already-frustrating job search nearly unbearable.

Pretty soon, I realized that I needed systems and organization. But I’m not a typically “organized” person, so I needed them to be simple enough that I would actually keep up with them.

Long story short, I did get a job that I actually wanted (and still have, over a year later), thanks in no small part to my simple-but-necessary organization systems.

If you’re a jobseeker who is drowning in all the admin work of a job search, I want to help. I’ve compiled all my tips and resources into a course for you. In just a couple hours, you can get through all the course material, set up your systems, and reduce the stress and overwhelm that come with your job search.

Ready to leap into your next career opportunity? It all starts right here.

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