Become a STAR Interviewer and Ace Your Interview!

A black woman waving hello on a video call.

Have an interview coming up?

Or want to be ready when you do? I’ve got just the thing to help you feel confident and prepared!

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, as we all know. You may have heard of STAR stories being the key to a successful interview (and they are), but how do you get started?

My new digital download to the rescue!

1. Quickly learn the what and how of STAR stories.

2. Practice writing out your own according to some of the most commonly asked interview questions.

3. Prepare for the dreaded “Do you have any questions for us?” with questions that will not just fill the silence–but help you dig deeper to find out the info you REALLY need to know about the opportunity.

You get instant access and it’s yours forever. Check out:

It’s Story Time: Ace the Interview By Using the STAR Method and Asking the Right Questions!

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