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FREE Guide for Librarians in a Job Search

Are you a Leaping Librarian? I’m passionate about helping librarians write the next chapter in their career–or a whole new book. Here’s a FREE guide to my favorite resources when you’re just starting out in your job search. Whether you’re moving up in libraries or moving out into a new

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Listen to this podcast to level up your librarian job search!

Want to hear lots of free resume and job search tips (mostly focused on librarians/LIS folk but truly applicable to many others)? You’re in luck! For the second time, I was a guest onThe Librarian Linkoverpodcast, hosted byLorene Kennard, MLIS. I love chatting with Lorene, and it was really fun

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The Reason I Mostly Work with Librarians/Info Pros

Why do I specialize in working with librarians/info pros? 1. Librarians are (unfortunately and maddeningly) some of the most undervalued professionals out there. It's a pleasure to help such talented, passionate people find a job that actually works for them–whether that's with a different employer, in a different function of

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Check this detail before interviewing for a remote position

So many more jobs are remote now—yay! But here’s something to consider when checking out a remote opportunity. What hours *and in which time zone* are you expected to work? The good job postings mention this detail and either give you the exact hours (e.g., be available 8 AM-5 PM

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How to connect with a recruiter

My advice was picked as one of the top answers in the Ask an Expert column on the National Resume Writers Association’s website. The question submitted was: What’s the best way to find the right recruiter to help me in my job search? Here’s my answer: Text: A recruiter’s job

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