You're ready to level up in your career, but applying for jobs is a huge hassle.

If you're spending too much time and energy trying to figure out the perfect formula for a resume, it may be time to get some assistance!
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Specializing in Done-For-You, Coaching, and DIY Job Search Services

Done-For-You Documents

I write 100% original, personalized, branded & targeted resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, bios, DEI & leadership statements so you can make a great impression all throughout your search.

  • Save hours of time that you would have suffered through trying to do it on your own. I take care of all the writing so you don’t have to!
  • Collaborate with me to develop your branding, which you will use all throughout your job search (and beyond)!
  • Completely customized to you, right down to the colors we use in the resume!
  • You don’t need to guess about what works. I’ll write your materials according to all the latest best practices that have helped people just like you land jobs!

1:1 Consulting

If you want a more DIY approach or need a deep-dive to solve a certain problem in your job search, I offer coaching/consulting sessions on topics like DIY resume, LinkedIn optimization, networking, interview prep, and much more!

  • Ideal for those who want to learn the why behind the strategy and then apply it on their own.
  • Sessions completely customized to the topics you request and designed to build your confidence during your job search.
  • Document review sessions also include 3 days of unlimited email support for your questions.
  • This is your chance to work with me completely one-on-one!

Courses & Downloadables

If your job search needs help right now, check out the Royal Career Academy and the Royal Career Shop.  

  • Learn (almost) everything I know on your own time!
  • Get immediate help with the toughest parts of the job search (resume, cover letter, organization, etc.) so you can stop struggling.
  • Gain lifetime access to courses and downloadables so you can use them any time you need them in the future!
  • The quickest and most budget-friendly option for when you need help NOW.

Take the next big leap in your career.

Are you making these common-but-costly mistakes on your resume?

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Your resume is often the first (and sometimes, only!) impression that the employer gets of you. These are the 10 mistakes I see job seekers make on their resumes that are costing them interviews and causing their job search to be slow and ineffective. Don’t sabotage your own search!