Are you a resume writer or career pro who needs an extra set of eyes?

Avoid embarrassing errors, and make your message clearer to your ideal clients!

You’ve got the writing part down, but quality assurance is a big deal in our industry. Whether you write everything yourself or outsource to other writers, you want to be sure that the documents you create for  your clients to use in the job search are as error-free as possible. Or perhaps you need an extra set of eyes to make sure your blogs, website copy, emails, and other marketing materials are ready to publish.

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Boost your credibility
with clear, compelling, and correct content.

Avoid costly,
embarrassing errors
and multiple time-consuming revisions.

Ensure quality control
for the documents your subcontractors produce — even on a short timeline.

Hi, I’m Alison King!

I am a copy editor/proofreader with 6+ years’ experience — as well as a professional resume writer and career consultant. I earned the UCSD Extended Studies certificate in Copyediting and completed courses in grammar, formatting, style, and much more. As such, I’m intimately familiar with the best practices of resume writing and all the industry-specific style/grammar conventions we follow. For 1.5+ years, I’ve worked as a copy editor for one of the most successful resume writing businesses in the industry, editing for 18+ subcontracted writers of varying experience and skill levels. I catch embarrassing and costly errors before they ever reach the client!

If you’re an individual practitioner or lead a team of subcontractors, let’s get in touch!

Alison King, Resume Writer and Career Coach.

Don’t risk your credibility by letting embarrassing errors slip through!

We career pros know that our clients have seemingly endless options of providers to help them with their resumes, career coaching, and other needs. Their trust in you starts with the content you post, and if it has multiple errors, they’re likely to skip right to the next provider. Likewise, if the documents you (or your team) create for them are riddled with errors or inconsistent formatting, they may lose faith in your expertise and ability to help them achieve the all-important goal of furthering their career.

If you’re using AI for blog or social posts, you need to know that the content it spits out is often not ideal to use as-is. I work with AI-generated content all day in my full-time copy editing  job, so I know all the awkward constructions, nonsensical metaphors, and just plain bad writing it produces. If you don’t know how to fix that on your own, then your content will sound generic, manufactured, and off-putting to your ideal customers…who will have no problem moving on to hire someone else for their career needs — or worse, turning to ChatGPT to produce their resume.

Fortunately, you have a choice:

You can keep letting your content go through and hope that you managed to spot the errors and inconsistencies.


You can add a professional editor (like me!) to the workflow to catch the things that your eyes are just glossing over.

Let me handle the editing
so you can get back to business!