Check this detail before interviewing for a remote position

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So many more jobs are remote now—yay! But here’s something to consider when checking out a remote opportunity.

What hours *and in which time zone* are you expected to work?

The good job postings mention this detail and either give you the exact hours (e.g., be available 8 AM-5 PM et) or specify that you can work on your own schedule.

It’s important not to assume that just because the company is located in a certain city that your hours will match that. If you work with others closely in the company, which time zones are they in? How difficult will it be to coordinate for meetings?

Consider if you have any dealbreakers as to hours when you want to work, and if you’re in the interview phase, be sure to have them spell out the expectations so you know whether it’s workable for you.

Here’s hoping that it becomes the norm for all job postings to include some indication of the working hours expectations!

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