Here’s where to start your Leaping Librarian Job Search (Including FREE resources)

Group of happy job seekers jumping.

🔹Working on your job search?🔹

I’ve got a few resources (including one just for librarians) to make it quicker, more efficient, and less painful! Be sure to check out all the links!

👑My Teachable School – Royal Career Academy

👑If you’re just starting out in your job search or in the midst of one but feel like you’re overwhelmed and disorganized, check out my course:
Get Organized To Get Hired: Organize Your Job Search, Reduce Overwhelm, and Get Hired — Quicker!

👑Have an interview coming up? Do NOT go in cold without practicing. Here’s my 15-page guide to help you map out your STAR stories so you can ace the interview!
It’s Story Time: Ace the Interview By Using the STAR Method and Asking the Right Questions!

👑If your cover letter just isn’t doing the trick, check out my course:
Write Your Best-Ever Cover Letter: The Simple, Quick, and FUN Guide to Writing a Cover Letter That Will Get You Noticed!

👑FREE Digital Download for any jobseeker:
Take the Leap: 7 Steps to Jump-start Your Post-Pandemic Job Search

Look Before You Leap: Essential Resources to Launch Your Librarian/Info Pro Job Search

👑Podcast episode for jobseekers (FREE!)
Q&A with me on The Librarian Linkover podcast with Lorene Kennard

Click the link that most closely aligns with what you need right now and then celebrate–you’re on your way! Let’s get you hired!

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