Listen to this podcast to level up your librarian job search!

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Want to hear lots of free resume and job search tips (mostly focused on librarians/LIS folk but truly applicable to many others)? You’re in luck!

For the second time, I was a guest onThe Librarian Linkoverpodcast, hosted byLorene Kennard, MLIS. I love chatting with Lorene, and it was really fun to do a Q&A with FAQs about all sorts of job search-related topics.

Listen to the podcast episode to find out:

🔹What resume writers do

🔹First step you should take in your job search (it’s not what you think)

🔹Strategies for dealing with job loss or a career switch

🔹Why choosing one job target is essential

🔹Whether it’s advisable to include volunteer experience or hobbies on your resume

🔹Whether your resume and LinkedIn profile should be different

🔹What NOT to include in your application materials

🔹Tactics for combatting ageism

🔹Why ATS is not your enemy (despite what 99% of the internet wants you to believe)

🔹Why you might need to update your resume even if you’re not looking for a job

🔹An exclusive (and wildly good) special code for my new course Get Organized to Get Hired–only for Librarian Linkover listeners!

After you listen, please comment below with your favorite takeaway or something surprising you learned from the episode!

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