The Reason I Mostly Work with Librarians/Info Pros

A library with books and sculptures.

Why do I specialize in working with librarians/info pros?

1. Librarians are (unfortunately and maddeningly) some of the most undervalued professionals out there. It's a pleasure to help such talented, passionate people find a job that actually works for them–whether that's with a different employer, in a different function of LIS or library science or in an entirely new career.

2. Librarians (generally) are not great at tooting their own horn. We tend to be service-oriented and humble, which makes it challenging to write your own resume or assert your value in an interview. But I promise, you have a unique value proposition–and that's the thing your next employer needs to hear to know that they want and NEED to hire you. When you have someone else write your materials for you, it takes that burden of being "braggy" off your plate and instills a new level of confidence–I've seen it happen over and over again!

3. I am a librarian–just like you. I earned my MLIS at Drexel University's iSchool and worked in academic, public, and school libraries before I decided to pursue a new career in writing and editing. So, even if I haven't worked in your exact library or division of libraries/LIS, I "get" you. There are many amazing resume writers out there who can also help librarians, but I'm the only one (at least that I know of) who is both a librarian and a resume writer.

Librarians are not the only people who I help. But they are definitely some of my favorites!

You deserve to be happy in your career. Period. If you're not, it's time to take action. Send me a message because, well, you know us librarians…we love to help!

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