What sets you apart from other candidates?

Fill in the blank: I am the go-to person at work for.

Fill in the blank:

I am the go-to person for _______ at work.

For me, it’s always been 1) terrible puns/clever writing used to advertise programs 2) proofreading important documents and emails, typically for my boss.

When I worked at the public library, I was known for sourcing new programs tailored to the interests of the community. As a result, we became known as the library with the coolest, most popular programs.

I say this not to brag but to point out that THIS INFORMATION IS GOLD.

These are the things that set you apart from other people in your job search. They are the “human” attributes that make you appealing in a cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and your resume brand statement. Any pro resume writer will ask you this question (or a variation) because that is your #brand.

I know, *insert eye roll here.* A lot of us hate considering ourselves a brand, but in the job search, it’s essential. You are NOT just like everyone else who has the same qualifications, years of experience, etc. The hiring manager may not have time to get to know what makes you special, so you have to let them know up front!

Try it out–right now. What are you known for at work? ⬇️

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