Why does my resume need to be branded and targeted?

A dartboard with a dart in the bullseye.

I write career documents that are both TARGETED and BRANDED. You’ll hear me say this again and again if we work together.


Tailored to the specific position you want (Middle School Social Studies Teacher, True Crime Podcast Producer, Developmental Editor – Romance, VP of SaaS Regional Sales, Alpaca Farm Hand etc.) We work together to use the job posting and any other available info (website, press releases, industry knowledge, connections within the company) to get clues about what problems the company has. Then, we tailor your materials to show exactly how you meet the qualifications and can solve those problems for the organization.


Call it the secret sauce. This is HOW you do the things you do. What you are known for. Why people want to work with you. The things you do that no one else can or is willing to. Don’t underestimate its importance–this can be a differentiating factor. I know some people feel like having a personal brand is unnecessary or even icky. But the hiring manager doesn’t know you, so you need to let them know up front what makes you different than everyone else in the stack of resumes–and why they NEED to interview you.

Ready to get a resume that is targeted towards the position you want and branded so they can’t wait to interview you? Email me at moc.l1719294297iamg@1719294297neeuq1719294297tidey1719294297poc1719294297" target="_blank" rel="noopener">moc.l1719294297iamg@1719294297neeuq1719294297tidey1719294297poc1719294297 to get started!

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